10th November 2015 (Newport, Isle of Wight)

Pitch fibre Towpreg

Red Composites successfully manufactured Towpreg material using high modulus (640GPa) Pitch derived carbon fibre. Contact us for more information.


2nd - 4th November 2015 (Berlin, Germany)

Composite Pressure Vessel Symposium

Red Composites attended and presented at the CPV 2015 symposium, hosted by Seiffert & Skinner Associates. Over 100 attendees, from 40 countries attended the three day symposium held in Berlin. 27 papers covered all aspects of CPV design, analysis, manufacturing and markets.


1st August 2013 (Newport, Isle of Wight)

New Director joins Red Composites

On 1st August 2013, Mr. Iain Cranwell joined Red Composites.  Iain brings with him an extensive background in Composite processing, product development & materials evaluation.

1st July 2013 (Newport, Isle of Wight)

Red Composites moves to new manufacturing facility

On 1st July 2013, Red Composites opened the doors at its new manufacturing facility in Newport, Isle of Wight.  At this site the company will commence manufacture of Towpreg, a pre-impregnated structural yarn of carbon or glass fibre.  This product is employed for the winding of performance Composite tubular structures, cables and pressure vessels.  The new facility also boasts comprehensive laboratories for the evaluation of composite materials by way of mechanical test and detailed chemical analysis.

1st March 2013 (Newport, Isle of Wight)

New Director joins Red Composites

On 1st March 2013, Mr. Derek Ness joined Red Composites.  Derek brings with him over thirty years of rich experience in thermoset chemistry and the development of polymers for use in high performance Composite structures.